Check here regularly to hear from Vicki who will be taking you behind the scenes to learn more about the animals with whom she works!

The 2016 totals are in!!! Please click here to see our amazing 2016 rehabilitation summary put together by Wildlife Director Vicki Weiland. She never ceases to amaze us!


Charlotte, an unreleasable barred owl, is balancing like a pro on AFA intern Ava’s glove! It can take weeks to months for a partial amputee to learn how to balance on the fist. Charlotte has this down already and has begun doing educational programs for AFA! She is calm and quite the crowd pleaser!



During the winter rehabilitation season, we often get in turtles. Many were taken from ponds and rivers during the summer and are no longer wanted/cared for during the winter months. These guys come in in various stages of neglect. The most common malady is shell rot, a fungal infection caused by little or no UV light and dirty water. We soak these guys in a solution of Nolvasan, a disinfectant, and tea tree oil every other day for weeks on end until they’re back in tip top shape!