Christine found AFA through the internet and has been volunteering since March 2016. She’s a complete joy to have around! And while she thinks her main functions are cleaning cages and feeding and watering the animals, we think her main function is cuddling with the animals. She also helps on educational programs and enjoys them thoroughly! Christine’s favorite part about volunteering is being able to get hands-on experience with the animals. Her least favorite part is leaving the animals to go home. Christine says, “Basically, I could cuddle with these beauties all day! They’re just so adorable!”

We asked Christine if she had a memorable moment she’d like to share, and here’s what she said: “One of my many memorable moments took place on the day I started. Our director Kim asked me if there were animals that I was uncomfortable with. I proceeded (with goosebumps and shivers) to explain my fear of spiders.  By the end of my day I was holding Webster the beautiful and cuddly Mexican Red Knee tarantula……..and I didn’t faint!” Christine learned to like Webster, but her true favorites are Tallulah the kinkajou, Shelly and Shelby the sulcate tortoises, Cocoa the skunk and Koda the baby skunk. But she says it’s hard to pick even a few favorites, because she loves each and every one of them – even the monitor lizard that would rip her face off if she got too close!

This awesome stay-at-home mom (ex-nurse of 17 years) lives in Alsip and has her own family of pets, as well! One Siberian husky- Shayna; 3 cats – Sun, Moon and Star; 2 huge 6 year old goldfish; a 6 year old African dwarf frog named Candace; a juli cory catfish named Perry; 3 Tetras and 14 guppies (that started out as 3 from my daughter’s kindergarten class…..)

Christine enjoys reading and biking when she isn’t doting over animals and her family