Volunteer Lauren joined AFA in July 2009 and has been a whirlwind ever since! From grocery shopping to cleaning cages to mentoring other volunteers, Lauren has done it all! And she has done it consistently and reliably! After volunteering in a "normal" capacity for a few years, Lauren moved into the position of Lead Volunteer, training new volunteers and managing existing ones. It was a perfect fit! Lauren's passion for the animals never waivers! It wasn't long before Lauren was taking the animals on the road and performing many educational shows on her own. And she is fantastic! The reviews we receive are great! She has a wealth of knowledge. Lauren has been and continues to be an incredibly integral part of AFA.

That wealth of knowledge didn't come easily for Lauren. She's worked hard to get to where she's at. Besides her BA in psychology, she's interned and worked at Shedd Aquarium and Indianapolis Zoo, Danada Equestrian Center and Zionsville Country Kennel. Lauren's passion for the animals and her knowledge of animal behavior, enrichment and training is apparent anytime you see her working with the critters. She was particularly fond of our big ole alligator Boots. Lauren is also a licensed Massage Therapist. She is always setting new goals for herself and has recently completed her Avian Specialist Certification. She is currently working on her Professional Bird Training Certification as well.

Lauren currently resides in St. Charles with her very own menagerie: Chili (Blue and Gold Macaw), Daisy and Max (Budgies), Mia (a Siamese mix from AFA), Cooper (Syrian Hamster) and 2 unnamed tarantulas.