Twenty-three year old Worth resident Jen found AFA while googling volunteer opportunities close to her. What good fortune for us! Jen has been with AFA since the beginning of May 2016, and she is a gem! When she isn’t cleaning animal habitats or feeding and watering the critters, she’s playing with them and handing out treats. Jen’s favorite part about volunteering is working with the variety of animals we have, and she enjoys how hands-on the work is. That’s what makes AFA different from the other places she’s volunteered for. But she admits the least favorite part is that she wants to take all of the animals home with her!!

We asked Jen if there was a memorable AFA moment she’d like to share, and she jumped right in! “One day I was cleaning the hedgehogs’ cage and was surprised to find newborn hedgehogs among the mix. It was really amazing to see how protective the mother was and how quickly they grow.” While the hedgehogs are pretty cool, Jen’s favorite is a walnut-loving Richardson’s ground squirrel named Dale. She is captivated by the way he loves to build nests. And Jen is not without her own pets! She is owned by a boxer/pitbull mix named Captain America and a guinea pig named Cheesecake (from AFA).