Jeff has been assisting with the St Charles location for several years now. The amount of energy this guy has is astounding! Especially if it has to do with animals! Jeff has really been instrumental in our dog fostering program. He helps us in all aspects, from training to medicating foster dogs in our care. Not to say he limits himself! Jeff has worked with our foster horses and pigs too!  What more can we say? All it takes is a phone call and he is there-can’t ask for anybody better!!

Sarah has been working with the wildlife in our St Charles location for over 3 years now. Sarah is a vet technician at a local animal hospital and let me tell you how helpful THAT IS! She comes out on a regular basis, and emergency calls, to help with injured and orphaned wildlife. Sarah has been an invaluable part of our wildlife team! Not only does she have the love for any type of wildlife, she also has the knowledge and patience to work with new volunteers. Sarah, you are the best!