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At Animals for Awareness we believe one of the keys to our success now and in the future is education, education, education! Think about it this way: The more people we can talk out of getting inappropriate pets/animals, the fewer that will end up on our doorstep or the doorstep of other shelters. And it’s not just exotic animals we’re talking about; just as some animals don’t make good pets, some people don’t make good pet owners (for MANY reasons). We just try to help them identify which category they fall into. A lot of animals suffer a tremendous amount due to simple ignorance. And many of these people are well-intentioned animal lovers that just get in over their heads!

Our low-cost humane education program is designed for people of ALL ages! We bring some of our exotic and not-so-exotic animals to you and teach the importance of thinking before buying/adopting. Also, people hear the story of each individual animal as they touch, hold or view the magnificent creature. Most of the animals on exhibit have been “rescued”, so each has a different tale afa-education_002to tell! Participants will also learn how to care for pet-suitable animals should they want to have one as a pet. We discuss what makes a good pet and what makes a good pet owner, and why certain animals shouldn’t be kept as pets. AFA believes strongly in spaying and neutering, and talks openly about the benefits of altering. Younger kids get a lesson about the do’s and don’ts of approaching wildlife and stray domestics. The question/answer periods throughout the presentation provoke good discussions and thought. We try to get people to think about things they normally wouldn’t in regards to animal care. Whatever your need is, we’ll accommodate you. We especially encourage “focused” groups that ask us to emphasize certain educational points!

Lectures are made age appropriate and perfect for any group and any occasion. Some animals are not appropriate for handling or touching by the public and are viewed only. Programs can be held outdoors, weather permitting. During hot weather, shade is required. For the sake of the reptiles, no program will be held outdoors when it’s below 60° F. While we’ve never had to do so, AFA will cancel or cut short a program if the environment becomes dangerous to any of the animals or AFA volunteers! Our animals come first.

afa-education_003We really prefer not to travel too far with the animals. Typically, we’ll travel up to 50 miles from Palos Park. Our normal area of service is S. Chicago, western suburbs, southwest suburbs, south suburbs and far south suburbs. The hourly rate and travel fee collected goes towards the care and maintenance of all the animals, including necessary medical expenses. Call us for more details!

Consider a FUN, humane education program with exotic animals for:

Birthday Parties
Block Parties
School Functions
Scouting Events
Senior Citizen Activities
Company  or Church Picnics
Anything you can think of!!!

Our programs are a great way to learn and have fun at the same time! And your support benefits the animals at Animals for Awareness. Help us spread the word!

Animals for Awareness’ shows are competitively priced at or below the cost of similar quality programs in the area, and all of the money made is returned to the animals in our care. Call 708.341.0196 to discuss your event needs and to check date availability.