Our Vets

Dr. Kate Ball
Mokena Animal Clinic
9455 West 191st Street
Mokena, IL  60448

afa-dr-kateKate is really neat! I wish I could bottle her energy and enthusiasm and sell it, I’d be rich! Kate’s come a long, long way with Animals for Awareness. She once was our USDA veterinarian in charge of all the animals at our facility. She did the simple mundane tasks to the unusual and complicated procedures. Kate is always willing to jump right in with both feet to help us out even after a long day’s work at the hospital. Besides her vast knowledge, perhaps the most remarkable thing about Kate is her gentleness and compassion towards both the animals and their humans. Mokena Animal Clinic, owned by Dr. Ingmire, is a beautiful building with modern equipment. The staff is friendly and polite, and they’re always eager to peek at the strange critters that accompany us. Today Kate focuses mainly on our reptiles, such as out 7 foot gator “Boots” or one of our many large pythons.

Dr. Gary Soumar

Animal Emergency of Mokena
19110 South 88th Avenue
Mokena, IL  60448

When I say we have an angel on our side, I truly mean it. We found a gem when we found Dr. Gary Soumar. Soft-spoken and tender, Dr. Soumar knows his stuff and is genuinely compassionate when it comes to working with the animals in his care. He didn’t hesitate to take on Animals for Awareness as his pet project when we approached him after Mike died. He gladly and most generously offered up his clinic as the place for Kate and I to do veterinary procedures for only the cost of supplies used. Let me tell you. I’ve seen his staff in action, and they’re a phenomenal bunch of people. Kindhearted. Professional. Caring. Helpful. Great with people. It’s too bad they’re only open for emergencies, but this is the place to go should you have one! We can’t thank Dr. Soumar enough for opening his heart up to Animals for Awareness. He is also one of our USDA vets. Between him and Kate, they may have very well saved the future of AFA.

Dr. Chris Johnson
Archer Veterinary Clinic
13731 S. Archer Avenue
Lemont, IL 60439

afa-dr-johnsonWe were given a real gift when we were given Dr. Johnson as a referral by a close friend one Christmas weekend. Dr. Johnson can be described as mellow fellow with a heart of gold. I took a strong liking to him the moment I saw him saunter in in his casual clothes to help with a very sick Goliath. Although we’d never met he’d squeezed us in on a holiday weekend when everyone else was either gone or unable to accommodate a big cat. Dr. Johnson saw us through our emergency. He quietly values the Mission of Animals for Awareness. He’s a doll. Besides knowing his stuff, he’s incredibly thorough and compassionate. We call him our wild cat vet, because he’s the guy we go to when serious problems arise with the big boy. We recommend him to all of our friends! You’ll love him too. Dr. Johnson is also our USDA veterinarian, so he’s in charge of all of our mammals!