Welcome to our Adoption Page! Animals for Awareness will occasionally have domestic and less exotic critters available for adoption to the right home. Feel free to peruse this page and contact us if any of these wonderful pets interest you. We have made it easy for you by putting our Adoption Application  right here on our website for you. Feel free to download it, fill it out and send it back to us when you’re ready to adopt one of our precious critters! Please note that although we may have them up for adoption on occasion, we do not take in the following animals from the general public: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pot belly pigs and iguanas (and a few other animals). Thank you!

Has your Adoption Application already been approved? If so, you’re one step closer to bringing your new family member home! Please download the Adoption Contract and read it carefully. Fill out as much as you can and bring it with you when you go to meet your new pet. Together with Kim or Vicki you will finish the adoption contract and go over your pet’s history and care requirements. After all questions have been asked and answered by everyone involved and applicable adoption fees paid, you and your pet will be free to go! We will always be available for aftercare support, so you will never feel alone in your adoption adventure!!


We have two nice looking larger ball pythons for adoption. Neither have been probed ie sexed. They are not being housed together at the moment but they can be if adopted together. Ball pythons make excellent beginner snakes. They tend to be extremely gentle and easy to keep. They do not get very big. One is eating very well. The other is being pretty picky and prefers fresh-killed rats as opposed to fresh-killed or Frozen thawed mice. Both are fat and healthy. Adoption fee applies. Application can be found above.