Welcome to Animals for Awareness, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, where our Mission is the protection of wild and exotic animals through education. With the assistance of our team of dedicated vets, interns and volunteers, we rescue, provide sanctuary to and rehabilitate animals, as well as educate both children and adults in the problems and pitfalls of owning wild and exotic animals. Both locations, St. Charles (Wildlife Director Vicki) and Palos Park (Executive Director Kim), hold USDA licenses and have well over 30 years each of experience caring for animals and educating the public. In addition, our St. Charles location is state and federally licensed to rehabilitate native Illinois species, including deer and raptors. Keeping up on licenses and permits to do this kind of work means unannounced inspections and mounds of paperwork. But it is our passion! RESCUE, REHABILITATE and EDUCATE!

In March 2017 we took in a baby Great Horned Owl. A storm took down its tree/nest and a landscaper found him. Sadly, his siblings did not make it by the time they were discovered. This little guy had such a severe head tilt from his injuries, we weren’t sure he was going to make it either. He required a great deal of hand feeding and TLC for the first few weeks. Here is a video our awesome volunteer Lorraine Matti made of his journey from a few days old to fully grown to released October 12th, 2017. Thank you, Lorraine for doing such a beautiful job documenting his journey while in our care.